12/8/2015: Work has begun on Alpha 0.3! Stay tuned.

11/29/15: Last call for bug reports before I commit to build Alpha 0.3, please send them in before the end of the month if you've spotted a bug! Use the report form above. Thanks!

11/02/15: Alpha Demo version 0.2 is available for download here.

11/01/15: Alpha Demo 0.2 is coming tomorrow!

10/29/15: 40/49 iterations completed and counting on the "Lies" path. You're going to be having some fun on the "Crazy Liar" and "Sabotage" paths, in particular, but there's little surprises and reasons big and small for the Hive to start lying to Major Gustavson. 

Tomorrow I expect to be inputting the script into the game engine, and then the 30th and 31st should see integration and a little visual direction input. While there's a lot more character art in this upcoming update, most of it isn't implemented yet. I intend to spend much of my time in November doing a visual direction pass, so that there's more to enjoy looking at than static images over a lot of text.

Plans for November include: Release of 0.2, and then the inevitable 0.21 for bug fixes. Visual direction pass, addition of Gallery function. Introduction of hyperlinks that trigger Molly-led explanations of difficult words and concepts. (No more scratching your head, asking: "What does 'proprioception' mean?")

10/23/15: 25/49 Lies completed and counting. More groundwork for future versions Genre flags put in. Also starting to lay the groundwork for Molly to provide explanations for the words and concepts used in the game. She's a champ at 'Explain It Like I'm Five', so we're going to make sure that in future versions, she'll have explanations at hand for you.

10/22/15: 15/49 Lies completed and counting. A little more art added in, in anticipation of the Duke of Milan. And I'm starting to lay the groundwork for the next few Patreon goal tiers. Keep your ears up, loyal Hives. Finally, groundwork is beginning to be laid to allow for Genre flagging to work. Based on your choices in the game, probably starting in version 0.3 or 0.4, you'll notice that the tone of different passages changes more accurately to reflect not only the Hive's emotional state, but the angle of genre the story is trending in. 

10/19/15: ​Spent today writing out some of the chunk of story between Act 1, Helix 2, and Act 1, Helix 3. One pernicious meteor holds a nasty surprise for unwary Hives, and in the black, a ship might just have reached the Duke before Hereford and Libby...

10/18/15: The filthy lies have begun! The 'Lie' tree in Act 1, Helix 2, is in progress, and the content leading up to the Duke of Milan is being written as we speak. Lots to look forward to by the end of the month!

We've also added Meet Major Gustavson to the website. He's the Hive's closest thing to a friend and a foil, and staying in his good graces matters.

10/15/15: With the first milestone reached on Patreon, we're happy to say we'll be adding a Gallery function to Alpha 0.3, which should see release around the end of November.

10/13/15: Version 0.11 is available for download here.

10/10/15: Version 0.11 is complete, with all currently reported bugs fixed. Release will be on or before October 13th, 2015.

Bugs resolved include:

  • ​The letter to Molly now shows up in the "Joyous Hallucination" --> Truth path.
  • Gustavson quotes should now be functioning correctly.
  • Sabotage was missing images. Fixed that!
  • Some new art snuck in here and there.
  • Font size increased from from 24 to 26, due to multiple requests for larger font.
  • Some longer fades were integrated at player request, they'll be used as needed.
  • Luck bug resolved in "A Lucky Coincidence" path.
  • Unresolved: Visual continuity, "Best Software Error Ever". Not a bug, but I'll get the proper visual continuity resolved for 0.2.
  • Unresolved: Some images need to be jogged up because the text box is covering important visual details. Not a bug, but it'll be fixed in 0.2, most notably for the Ant+Pig scene and the memorial.
  • Unresolved: Habitat scene will be unzoomed in 0.2, so you can actually see the ball Pauline is throwing.

Did I miss any bugs? Report them in the box above!

10/01/15: Version 0.11 is on its way, to fix identified bugs in 0.1. Expect that around October 15th. (Patreon members will NOT be charged for that demo update.) We anticipate version 0.2 by Halloween, with new content including the 'Lie' option tree in Act 1, Helix 2, as well as more story as Hereford and Libby approach the wreck of the Duke of Milan.

09/26/15: DEMO ALPHA 0.1 IS LIVE! Download here!

09/21/15: Patrick says: I've reviewed Alpha Demo 0.1, and it is looking good. See you at Rainfurrest!

09/19/15: Patrick says: Reports from Jon Fini are that the demo is at 80+% completion, and I'll be likely reviewing it late today. Very exciting! For those of you joining us at RainFurrest, we're going to be having giveaways of great RedBubble merchandise for verified Patreon patrons, as well as prints available for attendees who'd like to purchase them. Looking forward to seeing you there!

09/16/15: Patrick says: Reports from Jon Fini is that he expects to have the first demo compiled sometime around Friday. I'll review it and get it packaged and ready for distribution sometime between Friday and Monday, hopefully. Distribution will then coincide with the demo at RainFurrest.

A quick word about the use of Russian language in Laika Dosha, since I've had four different people email me about this recently: We knew from the outset that the correct writing of "Laika's Soul / Soul of Laika" would be Laiki Dosha, however, the word 'Laika' is far more recognized in the game's primarily western market than 'Laiki' would be. Finally, to cover all my linguistic basics here: Laika Dosha is set in the year ~2955. Language changes and adapts and mutates over timescales far shorter than that. There is almost no usage of Russian at all in the game, and frankly I'll probably cut what little there is at this point.

Pamphlets have arrived and they are beautiful, come pick one up at RainFurrest this year. They'll be distributed at future gaming and furry cons as well!

09/08/15: Patrick says: The rest of this demo is officially in Jon Fini's hands for the final compilation of code. Music is in production for it, with two or three music tracks intended for final release, plus some spooky sounds courtesy of NASA public domain recordings. (Thanks NASA!) Two beautiful new art pieces were put up on the Patreon and Twitter, one of them has been up on RedBubble. Full steam ahead!

09/07/15: Patrick says: I am learning so much about how to make Python not work! Initial prologue and new title sequence is done, and I've got a grip on Ren.py's basic scene and show functions. After some battles with resolution, we're moving ahead with a 1280x800 resolution for the final version. Demo may or may not be in 800x600, but I'll see about keeping it at the 1280x800.

09/05/15: Demo v0.1 has officially begun production. Content assets in a freeze, new art by Oouna to end up in Demo v0.2, along with more written content.

08/31/15: Act 1, Helix 2: 98/147 iterations complete. (Anchors #243-249). All Truth and Evade are now complete, the 49 lies will have to wait for the second demo release. Thus far it looks like the total wordcount for the initial demo will be approximately 50k words all toll. Not bad for 2/7th's of Act 1, of 3! -- More art by Oouna, and it is lovely. Meeting with production soon to finalize content and move forward into sound and music production, plus visual direction.

08/30/15: Act 1, Helix 2:  92/147 iterations complete. 6 more evasions, 49 more lies. 3 new pieces of artwork (posted on Twitter @LaikaDosha!) posted because very few players are going to run into them on their playthroughs. They only show up in about 2-4 of the 147 iterations so far. The 49 iterations with lies will likely not be complete by demo time. I'll write some in, at least, but I expect it won't be more than 15 of the Lies paths that make it the demo. Words committed to script today: Approximately 12.5k. Anchors 0225-0243.

To do tomorrow: Finish the Evade path iterations (6 more to go!) and then renovate the Truth paths with additional content to reflect Major Gustavson's inquiries about the station.

08/25/15: Act 1, Helix 2: 72/147 iterations complete. More evasions, comfortable and uncomfortable for Molly and the Hive. -- Artwork: Oouna's been busy, and the prologue only has two outstanding images left before I can finalize. -- Merchandise: Added two new lovely pieces of artwork to our Redbubble account.

08/24/15: Act 1, Helix 2: 62/147 iterations complete. Evasions, comfortable and uncomfortable, as we explore the ways the Hive can walk the fine line between the truth Command needs to hear, and the truth that keeps a Hive alive. -- Artwork: We're down to only 3 outstanding pieces left for the demo. At this rate, we'll have quite a gallery to populate, with Patreon support. -- Website: 'Meet Laika' posted. Next page will probably be 'The Duke of Milan'.


08/21/15: Act 1, Helix 2: 49/147 iterations complete. Every truthful answer given to Major Gustavson's inquiry is now iterated. Onwards to writing evasions and lies!

08/20/15: State of the game: Patrick currently devoting Mondays and Tuesdays to the game, with accelerated schedule in advance of demo. We're preparing busily for our demo release to coincide with RainFurrest. Patreon supporters should get access to the game either the day before or the day of the demo at the con. Act 1 Helix 1 is complete with 49 iterations. Helix 2 is ongoing, with 40/147 iterations complete. Helix 3-7 scheduled for after the demo. Acts 2 and 3 are anticipated to also follow the 7-helix structure. Base art for demo is >90% complete, with two outstanding images remaining. Demo to encompass Prologue, New Game Title Sequence, and Act 1 Helix 1+2.​ Jon to update on state of music and sound.

08/20/15: Began developer's log.

Developer's Log

Got a question or bug report for the game developers? Post it here!